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This is an old banknote from Germany which was issued 1904

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Collecting of US and world paper money and world banknotes is a very interesting hobby. If you collect world paper you will learn a lot about different countries, cultures and history and so you will have much fun with these collectibles.

Therefore we want to give you information, news, messages about collecting of banknotes, paper money, bonds and shares on this page. You will find also information about the values of paper money.

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500 Ruble Russian bond dated 1992 (03/26/2014)

Hi I have a 500 Ruble Russian bond dated 1992 with documentation letter, am interested to find out more information about it.
Thanks Peter


German Notgeld money of Worms 1923 - Value? (02/28/2014)

I found this German money in an old shoe box belonging to my late Father. I don't speak German and there are two dates which I don't understand. One is 15. Oktober 1923 and on the left side margin is 1. April 1924. Can you enlighten me to what this means? Is this of any value to a collector?


German Bonds 1919 - Value for collectors? (02/26/2014)

I have some 1919 German Bonds (1000 and 5000 Marks) 4 1/2%. They are in very good condition. Are they worth anything as antiques or at the German government? Thank you for your comments. Melanie


Old Bonds (02/12/2014)

I am looking for bonds of deutsche bank, china, mexico from time 1934-1937. Tatiana Hofmann


Two old bank notes (01/23/2014)

Hi my grandmother has been clearing out her house and has found two banknotes, dated 1919 and what appear to be is marked as 10.000 and has a sword on both sides of the note entwined with leaves and what looks like a 2 headed eagle at the top . The 2nd note is 100 with the words bilbt polskiej krajowej kasy pozyczkowej at the top. On the back is an eagle in a circle. The second one i have seen a pic of on wikepedia but i cant see the first one anywhere. Thank you.


Value of German banknote (11/04/2013)

I have a German banknote that I purchased for my wife many years ago. She now would like to sell it, but we can’t determine the value of it despite all my Google searches. It appears to be in pristine condition, front and back. The person on the front is Johannes Depomuk. The date might be October 1923? Thank you for your help! Greg


Worth of German Bearer Bonds with Coupons dated 1922? (03/19/2013)

I have some German Bearer Bonds with Coupons,dated 1922 and up. Any idea what these are worth today and who could take a look at them? I found them in a storage unit I purchased, All in great shape.
Thanks for your time. Den


Value of old Marks Zinsschein? (02/11/2013)

Hello, Could you please give me any information about a paper note: Buchstabe T 3-20. Zinsschein No. 2854 45,00 Mark 1. April 1923-1932 Thank you, Robert


2001 5 dollar bill with blue serial numbers (11/09/2012)

I have a 2001 5 dollar bill with blue serial numbers and a blue seal. I had the FBI authenticate it over the phone. Is it a misprint or did they do it on purpose to make us collectors stay interested after they killed the beauty of our old currency? I know counterfeitors forced them to do it I just love our old bills. Thanks for your help :)


Old German Bond Value? (07/25/2012)

Hi, Would you happen to know if this is worth anything or where I could find more information about it. I found a bunch of these in my grandmothers attic. I know 1919 was just after the war that Germany lost, and inflation was just beginning to creep in. All I can tell from this is that its a bond issued in Hamburg bearing 4 1/2 % and had a worth of 1000 DM.
Thanks for any info you can provide. John Corbitt


Value of 2001 series 100$ bill? (12/16/2011)

I have a 2001 series 100$ bill with a blue seal and blue serial numbers. The strip and water marks are good. Bill is surely real. Any help on value and rarity is greatly appreciated


Chinese Banknotes (11/07/2011)

Greetings, I noticed your wonderful website. Do you also sell items? I am in the market for Chinese Banknotes. Let me know if you have anything available currently or into the future. Kind Regards, VJCD


Confederate States of America notes (11/07/2011)

Hi everybody, I live in Italy but I collect Confederate States of America notes, mainly T39, T40, T41. At the moment my collection is only made by 23 notes, even though someone very interesting. If you have some of them you would like to sell, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks a lot, collecting paper money is really wonderful for me, have a nice day, Enrico Aidala


Palestine and Israel Banknotes dated between 1927-1952 (07/08/2011)

I have some Palestine and Israel Banknotes dated between 1927-1952, in very good condition and different denominations. Collectors do not hesitate to contact me for full details.


Value of Zehn Millionen Mark Frankfurt banknote? (05/04/2011)

What can you tell me about this Frankfurt banknote?


I buy banknotes (03/05/2011)

Hello How are you and family . I Salah I buy silver coins and banknotes worldwide and buy specimen banknotes too Write me and send me list price Regards Salah


Schuldverschreibung Stadt Stuttgart (02/18/2011)

Could you please take a look at the pictures and tell me what it is and if it has any value.


I buy coins and banknotes (01/26/2011)

Hello how are you. I buy coins and banknotes I hope write me now Oki send me price list and I want buy specimens banknotes too Oki wait Salah


Help identifying German Notgeld currency i think? (01/26/2011)

Im trying to identify this item i think its money but im not sure can you give me any information about it: 
Thank you so much, Jeremey


Do you buy German Banknotes? (12/23/2010)

I have 21 notes a couple are rare... I'll send you a list if you are interested. Thanks, Dan


Bulgarian bank notes (09/29/2010)

I have 6 bulgarian bank notes any idea how much thery could be worth In exelant condition Thank you


$1 silver certificate 1935 G (09/29/2010)

I have a $1 silver certificate 1935 G I have read about the star certificates but am a little confused. They say that the star is after the serial number but mine is before. Am I misunderstanding what a star certificate is? Can you help? Thank you


Banknotes of Bulgaria from 1951 (09/27/2010)

Hello I have some banknotes of Bulgaria from 1951. Can you advise me on value at all, thank you


Very old foreign paper money (05/25/2010)

I'm wanting to have some very old foreign paper money appraised but don't know where to start. I found it in my father's belongings and I believe it's from the Korean War. There's also a Military Payment Certificate for .25 cents. Any info you could provide would be very helpful. Thank you, Michele


Three 100 Austrian Schilling notes for sale (05/25/2010)

I have three 100 Austrian Schilling notes in good condition. Two are dated 23 January, 1954 and the third is dated 3 January, 1949. I would like to sell these three notes. Could you sugest how I might do that. Michael Beer 4623 Wilmslow Roa


I have a Republic of Poland $50 bond issue of 1920 . Any value? (04/16/2010)


Kassenschein Des Kreises Mayen Fünfzig Millionen Mark (03/29/2010)

Please, could you help. I am in the USA. I am not sure how I would go about finding out the value of a Kassenschein Des Kreises Mayen Fünfzig Millionen Mark. Mayen, den 10 September 1923 and the back sides reads millionen 50 millionen II No. 04275. I am not a collector. I found this is old family papers.


Silver certificate with star (03/11/2010)

I have two silver certificates: one looks like it is brand new (from my grandfather years ago), is dated 1957 and has a star at the beginning and a C at the end of the number; the second one is a 1935F, very worn and does not have a star, but a W at the beginning and an I at the end of the number. Do you have any idea what they are worth? Someone told me that the star one is more valuable. Thank you in advance if you can answer this question. Eileen


Brasilian currency: 500 Quinhentos cruzados (02/15/2010)

Would like to know value of 500 Quinhentos cruzados in Canadian or US dollars. Can't see the year anywhere on it but the bill is in mint condition.Villa Lobos on the front and on the back I'm assumeing it is him conducting an orcastra.just him on the picture though. thanks Gil


1926 gold coupon bond (02/03/2010)

Hi my name is Larry T. Henderson I have a rare finding of a serial gold coupon bond that was purchased back in july 1926, my reason for contacting you is to see if you can direct me to a person or place that can help me cash it in or if it is still good . The most interesting thing about it is that every coupon is still attatched to the certificate and the rased bar is from the federal government, and was purchased here in Atlanta Georgiaalone with a military hand book that reads german language in I have this put away in my safe and I just want to get some closer concerning this seriel gold coupon bond that has matured its full amount of $725.000.000 at 6and 1/2 intrest rate and all coupons adds up to the full amount listed here.If you can help me please feel free to do so.


Republic of Poland $100 Bond issue of 1920 (01/27/2010)

Hi... Just going through some of your questions and found I need to ask the same question. Just found a Republic of Poland $100 Bond issue of 1920 with uncancelled coupons #39 to 77. Any value? (Very good condition) Thanks John Kaiser


Misprinted $20 bill (01/22/2010)

I have a newer $20 bill that looks fine except that the round seal on the face on the left hand is printed much lower than normal, I also have a 1929 brown certificate $20 I would like to know the value of these bills. Thank you, Karen


Old Turkish Money (12/06/2009)

Hello We have found some money in an old car. I know its Turkish but is it worth anything today. It says on top left Turkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankasi, and under it is a number C33 118979 , other side says Bir Milyon Turk Lirasi and amount is 1000000 could you please help me out on this. Thank You Phyllis Alioth


$100,000 1864 confederate bill (12/06/2009)

I have a $100,000 1864 confederate bill it not in great shape it is clear and you can read it well. Could you tell me smore about it, also what prices are they worth today... thank you, Chris Lantz


Old german mark notes (11/10/2009)

Hi, I have some old german mark notes (printed in 1910=1920) and wants to sell those. can you help me?


Series E United States Saving Bond (10/19/2009)

I have A U S Saving bond , for $25.00 , bought in July 1976. It has a Dating Stamp of 76-07-1931. Is this rare or just the way it should be ? J Smith


Banknotes from Iraq (10/19/2009)

hello, i am mr.kanaan dealer of banknotes from iraq i have big quantities of banknotes for sell or trade waiting answer soon kanaan


Interested in knowing value of 1 Shillng, British Military Authority (10/07/2009)


German Bond - "Schatzanweisung des Deutschen Reichs"  (09/16/2009)



Miss cut $50 bill (08/30/2009)

Am looking to find the value of a miss cut $50 bill, also the two in the upper right corner is not complete. Terry Zimmerman


Banknotes for sale (07/15/2009)

Hello. I am looking to sell the 1928 $10 gold certificate which has been out of circulation since 1950. Also, the 1981 $1 bill which is only printed on one side. My mother took it out of circulation in 1981 when she acquired it from the bank in a bundle of bills. (the bill never made it into public hands) Thanks, Israel Mendoza


Republic of Poland 50 Dollar Gold Bearer Bond (06/08/2009)

My sister has a republic of poland 50 dollar gold bearer bond in good conditiont with ten coupons fully intact at a dollar and fiftycent each, please! help inform us


Great Seal of the US (05/25/2009)

In 1935, the Great Seal was put on the back of the Dollar Bill. Do you know how many Dollar Bills have been printed with the Great Seal on the back? The Bureau of Printing and Engraving claim they do not know the number? Do you have any source for this information? At your earliest convenience, please advise. David New, Esq.


Silver Certificate values (05/04/2009)

I am wandering if a 1923 $1.00 or an 1899 $1.00 certificate may have an value? I have not been able to find much information on these. Thank you, Nancy Berglund


250,000 Turk Lirasi Note y 1970 (05/04/2009)

My Name is Kiran Rahal. I was born in Indonesia and currently living in Jakarta. Sorry for my limited knowledge of old foreign money. I have with me now one 250,000 turk lirasi note year 1970. It belongs to my close friend, Jolly Darwis. Can I Sell this? How much do you think it is worth? Please let me know where I can find a collector who is interested in the note. I deeply appreciaty your kind response. Rgds, Kiran


Republic of Ireland $10 bond certificate (04/23/2009)

I have a Republic of Ireland $10 bond certificate dated January 21, 1920. Can you tell me the value and direct me to interested parties? Thank you.


1942 series 10 pesos (04/15/2009)

I have a 1942 series 10 pesos issued to the Philippines by the Japanese during WWII. Can you tell me how much it is worth today? Thank you for any information you can give me. ~Shana


Poland Gold Bonds (04/04/2009)

I have in my possession a Republic of Poland twenty year 6% U.S. dollar gold bond. Issued by the National City Bank of New York. Bond Issue of 1920 due April 1, 1940.Coupons number 39 (Oct 1939) to 76 (april 1958) attached. Back of one of the page has a “stamp” Interest on this bond has been reduced to...
Any Value at all?


Old bulgarian banknotes (03/16/2009)

Hello. I have for sale four old banknotes from Bulgaria. 2 X 10 leva and 2 X 5 leva 1899. Please contact me if you are interested. Regards. Radu


Two $20 bill (03/06/2009)

I have 2 $20 bills which seem to be misprinted. One of them appears as though the bill was folded in the process of the printing. There is a very thin unprinted line going from the top to the bottom of the bill straight down from the middle of the N in the word united. The bill is also slightly longer accounting for the error. Dated 1974 The other bill seems to have a misprint- a black line going from the top to the bottm starting in the o in of.dated 1974. I would like to know if these bills have collecter value. Thank you Judy Brown


1867 $1.00 Missouri Defense Bond (02/17/2009)

Hello: we have a 1867 $1.00 Missouri Defense Bond No. 115 and are wondering if someone can direct us where to go to try to find out what it's worth. Any help will be greatly appreciated.! Thank you, Debbie DeYoung


Schuldverschreibung Berlin (01/09/2009)

I have found that I have several old bonds that say Schuldverschreibung Einhunderttausend Mark 100000 dated 1922, Stadt Berlin 1922 Mark 5000. I have many more, but am wondering if you could tell me HOW I find information out on these bonds from Germany.
Thank you Sandy Bright


Collector of bank notes wants to exchange bank notes (12/23/2008)

hi colleague... i see in your web, is great! please , i am a cuban collector of bank notes  i live in ecuador and i can send you many central and sout americans notes. do you want make an exchange? do you buy ? because i prefer exchange but also i sell....
look in my blog (still building) 
regards julio


1923 german bank notes (12/12/2008)

hello, i wonder if you could help me determine the approximate or possible value of some german bank notes that i have. I have attached a picture of each of the 2 kinds i have. for each bank note i also have a coupon page which originally contained 12 coupons but for some notes 1 coupon has been removed. the notes are in bundles wrapped with a paper strip. these must've been uncirculated because the strip around each bundle is intact and the notes themselves look completely untouched. i've realized that these probably have no monetary value but would like to know what a collector would possibly pay as i'm looking to sell. any information you can give me i would greatly appreciate.
thanks sharon


Twenty Rupees banknote of Mauritius (11/03/2008)

Dear I have a Twenty Rupees banknote of Mauritius which is out of circulation. The number on the note is AA715063. I also have a 150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE 'POST OFFICE' STAMPS of Mauritius. Where can I find out what is it worth and where can I sell it. Regards Willie Paterson


Buy $2 Banknotes (10/29/2008)

Hello, I want to buy about 20 notes 1928 $2 unc. Please give me a good price. Thanks, Nghia le Trong.


U.S. Dollar Gold Bond of Poland (10/06/2008)

I have an original U.S. Dollar Gold Bond which says Republic of Poland , $100. issued 1920 and due April 1940. Wondering about the value associated with this bond? Any help would be appreciated Kathleen Gregory


$5 1902 (08/12/2008)

Hey!, I have a 5 dollar bill from 1902,it has Ben. Harrison in the front How much do you think this is worth? Mike


Wimpfen 1923 Notgeld (07/31/2008)

Where would I find info on Stadt Wimpfen a. n, Gutschein Über Fünfzigtausend Mark has date 11 aug 1923?


$20 that is very obviously off-center (07/21/2008)

I have a brand new $20 that is very obviously off-center from top to bottom. I am wondering if it has any special value. Can you advise or direct me? Thank you, Lisa West


1864 Confederate Treasury Note ($100) (07/21/2008)

Hi I was hoping you could help me out. I have a 1864 State of Alabama Confederate Treasury Note. It's number 834 and is in pretty mint condition. It's a double sided print and is a bond for One Hundred Dollars. Included is an image of the same treasury note I have. I have you have any information on this, i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for your time & I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Guy Coutu


Bugarian banknotes (07/12/2008)

I hane an EXCESS on 1951 uncirculated Bugarian banknotes I would like to sell. Can you please help on the value and where to begin?


$1 1923 (07/12/2008)

hi, i would like to know the value of a 1923 one silver dollar, paper money thank you


Republic of Poland, Twenty Year Six Percent, US Dollar Gold Bonds (07/12/2008)

Hello, I inherited 39 “Republic of Poland, Twenty Year Six Percent, US Dollar Gold Bonds” ranging in issue years from 1939 to 1958. The issue prices are all around $1.13. Is there any value to these? I assume not and was simply going to cash them in, however, I have no idea where to start. They were issued by the National City Bank of New York which I assume is now Citibank. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Andrew C Grezlak


1922, 5000 German Mark Bayerische Banknote (06/18/2008)

I am selling a 1922, 5000 german mark Bayerische banknote to a collector who will pay a fair to good price if you want more information


Private Issue One-Dollar Bill / Asiatic Bank, Massachusetts (06/10/2008)

Hello! I have in my possession a one-dollar bill issued privately by the Asiatic Bank in Salem Massachusetts, on November 1, 1864. I am attaching a photograph of the front of this bill. I have up until now been unable to find anything about this bill - its worth, its rarity, etc. Would you be able to tell me anything about this item? If you are unable to, can you refer me to someone who may know about it? Many thanks for your time. Joe Natale Manchester, Connecticut


Twenty dollar bill (06/10/2008)

Hello, I have a question regarding a twenty dollar bill that I received at the bank a few months ago. It was cut shorter on the top of the bill. Do you think that it is worth anything? Gina Griffin


$100 dollar bill dated 1864 (06/02/2008)

I have a $100 dollar bill dated 1864. Would you know how much this could be worth? Kind regards, Cassie


New 5 dollar bill (05/21/2008)

Do anyboby know anything about the misprint on the new 5 dollar bill?


1920 Poland Bond (05/21/2008)

Hi, I inherited a bond which reads, “Republic of Poland, 20 year, six percent, US dollar gold bond issue of 1920 due 1st of April 1940. I have 7 remaining coupons at $1.50 increments. Can advise how I would redeem these coupons? They were to be redeemed at the National City bank of New York in the city of New York. I doubt this bank still remains. So I was just wondering your thoughts. Please email me at this address or Thank you! Jackie


US $5 with missing letter (05/21/2008)

I have a United States five dollar bill series 2006 with the letter e missing in the word States. It reads Stat s. It’s on the seal to the left in the circle that reads “United Stat s Federal Reserve System”. Can you tell me how rare is this and what is its value. Thank your, Rich G.


1941 Netherlands Banknote (05/21/2008)

I have a 10 Gulden note from the bank of DE NEDERLANDSCHE BANK . it is dated Amsterdam 27 October 1941on the back with a serial # 3 BF 049146 in 3 places.on . the front is a pretty women with her hand under her has another number written across the end of the note . on the front it has de nederlandsche bank betaalt aantoonder and then tien gulden . is it worth any thing. Jeannie Mood


500 Rubles Russia 1912 (04/22/2008)

I have an old bank note in my collection that I got from my father. Sometime I wonder what is the authenticity and current market value of this note.
1. This seems to be from Russia
2. This is of 500 Rubles
3. Size is rather big, 12.5 cm x 27.5 cm
4. It is from year 1912
5. Note number is AO 097856 6.
It has a very prominent watermark on the white area of the note 7. General condition is very good but it has mark of fold/crease. I shall appreciate if you could analyze and advise about this note. Best regards Arshad


Collection world banknotes (04/10/2008)

i'm INTERESTED IN CONSIGNMENT or an all out purchase of my collection world banknote they date back as far as 1913 , and allmost all are UNC grade . Please request for the list of the notes i own . if interested please contact me as some as possible. THANK YOU , JASON FREEMAN


I would like to sell old german banknotes (04/01/2008)

Hello, I found a cigar box full of German 100 Mark notes. Most of them are dated 10 April 1910, with some of them dated 1903 and 1908. The are all in "fine" to "very fine" condition -- clearly they have been circulated, but spent most of their life in the cigar box. There are about 125 in total. I would like to sell them since most of my collectibles have been American coins and notes. Do you know who would be interested in this collection? Thank you. Carolyn Adams


Old US Bills (02/15/2008)

I have the following and was wondering if any value: 1935 D and 1957A Silver Cert. $ 1.00 bills, 1934 C $5.00 bill and a 1934 $20.00 bill. None are in real good condition. Thanks


1862 one dollar bill (02/15/2008)

hi - i have a 1862 one dollar bill and was wondering what it is worth?


Question about 10 dollar bill (02/15/2008)

I have a 10 dollar bill with a watermark of a woman, its not fake it has the security strip in the middle of the bill too.when you hold the bill up to the light you can see a woman instead of a president. I was just trying to find out whether i should spend it or hang on to it. i have had it for 3 years and no one can tell me anything about it, i appreciate the help. ttys


$50 and $100 Republic of Poland Twenty Year Six Percent US Dollar Gold Bonds (02/15/2008)

Hello, I came across your site  and wanted to reply to some of the comments. People have asked about the $50 and $100 Republic of Poland Twenty Year Six Percent US Dollar Gold Bonds:

These, in addition to a number of other bonds, were issued between the wars, when Poland needed cash. Generally some will have unpaid interest coupons from October 1939 forward that were never redeemed (WW II intervened). Most others will have been converted to 4.5% bonds that would mature, instead, in 1958. A temporary settlement was published on June 29, 1973 by the then Government of the Polish People's Republic to allow for payments over the following three year period of 1.5% and later 2% interest for the face value of bonds held. The temporary offer had to be accepted by June 30, 1975 in order to be eligible for the final offer. On July 15, 1975 a final settlement offer was made to pay 36.5% of the nominal or face value on the bonds. The offer had to be accepted by July 16, 1977, and the bonds had to be surrendered.
After that date, they have no residual value, and are merely collector's items. I did come across one web site offering the $100 bond for sale at $189, but I don't know why anyone would pay that much.

Hope this answers something. Thom


$5 bill series 1934C (02/15/2008)

I have a $5 bill series 1934C. The top and bottom are not aligned. The bottom is cut off right under the wording. The entire bill is in tact. The bottom says "Will pay to the bearer on demand". Is this worth more than $5. Saundra


Information on One hundred Dollar Bill (01/25/2008)

Greetings, My name is Norman Echelberry and I live in Genova Italy. I just recently exchanged some Euro to US dollars for a trip I am taking to the US next week. The bank here in Italy gave me 9 one hundred dollar bills from series 1974 and 1977. One of the bills from series 1974 K is numbered K00361325*. there is no letter at the end, just a star. The bill is crisp and new, all the other 8 bills are the same condition. I am concerned about using these bills in my travel. There is also no watermark or any security strip to check for false bills. I am sure they are real because the bank gave them to me. Should I contact someone before spending this money? Thankyou for your time and attention in this matter. Best Regards Norman Echelberry


1969 misprinted 5 dollar bill (01/18/2008)

Hello i have a 1969 5 dollar with a misprint on the front, the serial #s , and a couple other things are definetly misplaced, do you know if is worth anything? Thanks Stephanie M


Values of banknotes and coins (01/18/2008)

Can you tell me where on-line that I can find values of US currency and coins? For instance, what would the value of a 1934 Series C 100.00 be worth today? Any help would be appreciated? Thanks, Mike


Values at Value of coins - Values of US treasury banknotes - Values of US gold and silver certificates

$10 misprint (01/18/2008)

I would like to know the value of a $10.00 bill, series 1977, that is printed correctly on the front. It has the complete back printed but then has the front printed over the back, but backward.


$20.00 bill printed only on face (01/08/2008)

1981 mint condition got from ATM in '81 Do you have an aproximate idea of it's value? Thanks, Pat


1988 one dollar bill (01/08/2008)

Hi I have a 1988 one dollar bill in mint condition with the serial numbers and the two seals printed on the back and was told to be very rare and wanted to know your thoughts. Thank you John


Poland $50.00 U.S. Dollar Gold Bond (01/08/2008)

Hello , Hope somebody can help out. Have a Republic of Poland $50.00 U.S. Dollar Gold Bond. Issued in 1920 due april 1st 1940. Prinsipal and interest was to be payable at The National City Bank of New York City. It also has several $1.50 small coupons on the side.


Misprinted 1996 U.S. $50 note (12/27/2007)

Hi, Just came across, what looks like a misprinted U.S. $50 note series 1996. To the left and right of Grant's head, but still within the portrait area are semantical curved lines. It looks like several of the fine lines that should surround Grant's head didn't take in the printing. Are printing errors of this type common? Do misprinted bills have any higher value to collectors? Thanks for your time and thoughts. I am a professional photographer and would be happy to reciprocate your kindness in answering my question, by answering any questions you may have about photography, cameras, etc. Thanks. Bill B. 732 651 9800


1977 $20 not aligned (12/18/2007)

Hello, I have a 1977 twenty dollar bill, the front of it is not aligned from top to bottom and the top is slightly more then the bottom. The back of the twenty is also not in alignment as well. The back is off set from top to bottom. On the back the top space appears to be more then a ¼ inch. And the left and right are slightly off as well. If you could help me find its value that would be great or if you can point me in the right direction that would be great too.
Thank you Bill Fitzgerald


Old paper notes from Yugoslavia (12/18/2007)

Have old paper notes from Yugoslavia, 1000 dinar notes dated may 1941, 500 dinar notes dated november 1941, 100dinar notes dated may 1941 and 50 dinar notes dated may 1942. Total amount 13150 dinars. How much are they worth or to sell?


German bearer bond (12/18/2007)

I am hoping that you can assist me in getting information or perhaps purchasing a 1922 german bearer bond that i have acquired. It is: 1000 mark Schuld -Schein der Stadt Leipzig über Eintausend mark. I would be grateful for any assistance, you can e mail me or Phone at 602-518-8888, Thanks Barbara Ulbricht


Republic of Poland Gold Coin Bond (12/04/2007)

Hi, My neighbor has 9 1st day of Republic of Poland, $1.50 dollar (each) Gold Coin Bond face value issue dates in the years of 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937 and 1938 from The 1st National City Bank of New York. It matured 6 months later, and then says for the next 20 years at 6% interest. On the envelope, someone wrote: 9 cps @ $1.50 = $13.50 (would that be for all 9?) Everyone of the coupons have the US Dollar Gold Bond No. A188345 American Bank Note Co. 30 Signature of the Minister of Finance Citibank MFDIC One side of it is in English and the other side is in Polish. All the coupons still in tacked and is in excellent condition. I was wondering, if you could please tell us if they are worth anything? And how much? Where are they located? How do we get them? Thank you so much, Kandis Nielsen and Deloris Uphold


Dollar bill that is only printed on one side (12/04/2007)

I have a friend that has possession of a dollar bill that is only printed on one side. He has sent it to various government places and it is a genuine bill that was misprinted. How do I find out the value? Thanks, Luanne Buehler


Banknotes (12/04/2007)

I have 2 sets of: Seven Bulgarian banknotes 1951 - still in original packaging. Could you give me an idea what they might be worth as well as the following. Also: One seperate 1951 banknote 100. Also: One seperate one-note Russian ruble. Also: Five - 10 shilling specimen notes of British Military Currency of World War II. Also: One seperate Argentinian banknote 500 (quinientos pesos). Also: Two seperate Costa Rican banknotes 5 (cinco colones) One is brand new - the other has been in circulation. Also: US Silver Certificate dollar bills. Thank you for reading.


1902 5 dollar bill (11/26/2007)

I have a 1902 5 dollar bill P series 9174. I was wondering if it is worth anything. It is not in the greatest of conditions. Thanks Kim


Confederate states of America five dollar bill (11/26/2007)

Hello There, I have come into possession of a confederate states of America five dollar bill. Issued in Richmond sept 2nd 1861. it is no. 24497. It says six months after the ratification of treaty of peace between.. etc etc. The bill is very different in layout and appearance with five dollars written down the left hand side a portrait of a male individual in the centre and another graphic to the right. It also has print on the reverse. The word five in the middle, the word five arching over the top and underneath the main large word five. It also has the number 5 in each corner and some very elaborate patterning. I am wondering whether this is something you may be interested in and also its potential value? I can send a few photos through if this is something of interest to you?? Many Thanks, Ryan Beecroft.


$5 1977 (11/26/2007)

Hi My name is Bobbie Wampler,I have been going nuts on trying to find out if a $5.00 bill is worth anything. I have looking to see if there was any like it and cannot find any I even took it to a small time coin dealer and he said he never seen one like it either but he did'nt give us price. I do not know how to send pics on the comp. So I'll just explain it to you, It's a 1977 L series and its a transfer error.Some of the back is printied on the front. The number on it is, L14489156A and it has a 12 in the corners, and on the back in the bottom corners five is written out I'm not sure if thats normal or not either.
ThankYou very much for your time, Bobbie


Washington Bank 10,000,000 US Bond (11/13/2007)

I would like to know if there is a buyer for this bond. I am sending the photos of this bond.


2 Canadian Bills (11/09/2007)

I have 2 canadian bills one is dated 1973 serial no. BCK5224280 The other is a centennial dollar 1867 1967 no serial no. Would you please tell me if they are worth anything thank you


Old German Banknotes (11/09/2007)

I just received an alotment of Marks various amounts are these worth anything to collectors? There all august-september 1923 in excellant condition Any help is greatly appreciated. Aaron Cook


5 Francs bill dated 1933 (11/09/2007)

Hello, I have a 5 Francs bill dated 1933 (Banque of France) and a 10 Francs bill dated 1943 (Banque Nationale De Belique). Could you please tell me what this currency is worth? Thank you, Debbie V.


$10 Misprint? (11/02/2007)

Just wondering if the attached bill is a fake or a mis-print. Andrew Malo


Republic of Poland Bond (11/02/2007)

Hi, My dad has a Republic of Poland, $50 dollar gold bond face value issue date 1920 from The National City Bank of New York. It matured in 1940. One side of it i in English and the other side is in Polish. It has all the coupons still in tacked and is in very good condition. I was wondering if you could tell me it it is worth anything


1928 shanghai one hundred dollar bills (10/18/2007)

i have a few 1928 shanghai one hundred dollar bills made by the american bank note company. I was wondering if they are worth any thing. thank you anthony


Banknotes (10/18/2007)

I have several uncirculated Banknotes from the Littleton Stamp & Coin Co. inc. and am trying to determine if they have any value to a collector.
1. A german Notgeld bank note Price 60cents that was issued in 1918. It is a 5 Marks uncirculated banknote listed as fine to better condition. 2. An Austrian Notgeld Banknote priced at 40Cents issued immediately after World War One and is also uncirculated. 3. A 50 cent brown noted issued in l942 by the government of Japan for the invasion of the Malysian Islands. Uncirculated >from Littleton Stamp & coin Co. 4. A $1.00 banknote issued for used when the Japanese government occupied Malaya. Face of note shows a breadfruit tree on the left-hand side and a coconut palm on the right. Uncirculated from Littleton 5. Brazil A beautifully engraved uncirulated 5 Cruzeiro banknote issued in l961. Picture on front is of Baron Rio Branco. Also uncirculated from Littleton 6. Chile - 10 Centesimops on 100 pesos seal on reverse. Red. Man on front. Isued 1961. Uncirculated. 7. Yugoslavia Small 1 Dinar note issued under Gov. Democrate Federation of Juigoslavia. Olive-brown print on white bearing the headof a soldier carrying a rifle at the right. 1944. Uncirculated. 8. Bulgaria - lag. extremely colorful banknote issued in 1951 by the Bulgarian People's Republic. It has a denomination of 100 Leva. Gentleman on the from is George Dimitrov. Reverse side depicts a scene of a young girl carrying a load of grapes from vineyard. Has hammer and sicle watermark. Uncirculated. Any information you could give me would be appreciated. All are from the Littleton Stamp & Coin Co. Inc and are uncirculated. Most were listed in fine condition at the time of purchase . All of the banknotes are in sealed envelopes and have been kept in a safety box.
Thank you for your time and attention. Pat Thompson


1934 A Boston fifty dollar note (10/06/2007)

I'm looking for a 1934 A Boston fifty dollar note in mint condition. Could you tell where i would get one and the asking price for this item Thank you Martin Bradley


1861 confederate 1000 dollar bill (09/28/2007)

What info do we need to find out about an 1861 confederate 1000 dollar bill? Handed down from great grandmother.


Silver Certificates (09/28/2007)

have quite a few One Dollar Silver Certificates dated 1935 and 1957. Can you tell me the value of these bills? I also have a One Dollar Silver Certificate dated 1923 that is larger in size than the current bills. Can you tell me the value of this bill? I also have a Fiver Dollar Federal Reserve Note dated 1914 series that is larger in size than a current bill. Can you tell me the value of this bill? Thank you. Ann Jackson


$10.00 Republic of Ireland Bond Certificate (09/23/2007)

We have a $10.00 Republic of Ireland Bond Certificate #128308 dated January 24,1920. Can you advise us of it's worth? What would be the next logical step in finding a buyer for this bond? Thank you for your time, Paul Gresh


German and Hungarian Banknotes (09/14/2007)

I have some German and Hungarian Banknotes from dates 1917-1923. They are in very good condition and are in a variety of different denominations. Can you tell me how I can sell them? I have pictures of each of them that I can e-mail if you are interested. I live in Northern California in the US. Thank you for your reply. Sincerely, Ilene Briggin


$50.00 US Currency (09/04/2007)

Hello my name is Adam, I have a close friend who has a $ 50.00 bill with the mint mark and serial number on the rear the front is blank. I have never seen one of these before can you advise me as to what the collectors value is worth I've told him not to trade it or sell it, I'm sure it's of some value. Thank you, Adam D. Cohen


Post WWI German Inflation note collection (09/04/2007)

I need to get a post WWI German Inflation note collection appraised, preferably by someone in the United States. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you, Nina Schloesser McKenna


1929 100.00 bill (08/20/2007)

I was wondering what the value of a $100.00 bill series of 1929? It has printed on the left side, "THE FEDERASL RESERVE BANK OF RICHMOND VIRGINIA". Maybe this is normal for this year of a bill. Thank you so much, Molly Radke


$50 1936 (08/17/2007)

Hi, I have a 50.00 dollar made in 1936.This is United States money, I wanted to know if it was worth anything?


1934 bank note (08/17/2007)

I have a 1934 bank note from the bank of BOSTON MASS. How can I find out the value of this note? THANKS JOE .


1$ bill 2003 series with the both seals on the right (08/06/2007)

I have 1$ bill 2003 series with the both seals on the right side. What is it worth if any? Thanks steve foreman


1934 five dollars H series bill (08/06/2007)

Hello! I have a 1934 five dollars H series bill. It also has green letters such as "H06816784 A". This bill also says at the bottom "will pay to the bearer on demand". How much do you think this is worth?



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