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Various Stamps 06.01.2004 14:34:29


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Various Stamps


Geposted am / Date 06.01.2004 14:34:29
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Name des Forums / Name of the forum : Stamps
Mitteilung: I need help identifying several stamps that I have recently acquired from a local collector. Many of the stamps are from various countries, and are from the early and pre 1900"s. Here is some of what I have: Nazi Germany stamps (including some with Hitler on them), many of United States (some with Ben Franklin and George Washington), Portugal, Spain, Japan, Cuba, Ethiopia, Hungary, France, Chad, Argentina, Dahomey, Netherlands, Brazil, Dominica, Australia, Pakistan, India, Czechoslovakia, Switzerlan, Mexico, Austria, Nigeria, Sudan, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Norway, China.... I could go on forever. I am overwhelmed and don"t know where to start. I hope some are worth something; but I am having a difficult time with the terminology, so I have just gotten more confused by looking on the net. If someone has expertise in this area and wouldn"t mind helping me out, that would be a huge help! Thanks :P

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