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David Feldman"s S.A. Autumn Auction Series Completed with Great Success! 16.12.2005 11:31:49


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David Feldman"s S.A. Autumn Auction Series Completed with Great Success!


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Mitteilung: Dear friends and collectors,

The latest David Feldman SA series of auctions (held November 29 - December 3) brought spirited bidding from clients present in the room, whether in person, over telephone links, by agents, or (importantly) over the internet. In a week of auctions that combined specialised collections (from Persia to Switzerland, Australian States to Greece, Egypt to Classic postal history worldwide), the trend was clear: material fresh to the marketplace was in high demand, and the prices reflected this.
Prices Realised can be viewed and/or downloaded in PDF format at

Persia (featuring the Hassan Shaida postmarks collection) started things off on Tuesday, and attracted intense competition both in the room and over the internet, including numerous lots fought over by bidders in Iran and in the USA (the Iranians usually won), and nearly every lot far exceeded its pre-auction estimate.

The first portion of the famous "Nile" Collection of Egypt postal history saw several outstanding realisations as well, and the same was true of rare and aesthetically pleasing items from throughout the Middle East.

"The Collection VI" of Large Hermes Heads brought together a special sales room in Athens with the auction room in Geneva, and the results continued the strong results of previous portions of this fabulous collection.

Europe & Colonies, offered on Thursday, saw fantastic results for First Issue covers, matched or exceeded by similar material in the Overseas portion of the auction. France & Colonies sold well, as did Italy and particularly Italian States.

Among the Overseas lots, Latin America was one of the strongest portions of the sale (including in the Collections sessions) as important stamps and covers (many of which had not been on the market in 40 years) brought outstanding levels from collectors world-wide. Asian material, including early covers of China, Japan and Korea, was strong (as these Prices Realised will attest).

British Commonwealth, offered Friday, included a strong showing of Australian States postal history, and bids came fast and furious from the internet, the telephone, the mail and from bidders in a linked sales room in Melbourne, where the participants could hear what was going on in Geneva and bid in "real time."

A special session of Switzerland, offered in its own special catalogue as the last part of the auction on Saturday evening, brought collectors and dealers from both the French and the German speaking parts of the country for a feast of rare stamps and covers.
Friday evening"s offer of the "Rarities of the World" portion of the auction included the Richard Shaefer collection of Switzerland Combination Covers with stamps of other countries (which brought some strong bids from collectors of countries other than Switzerland). Among the many highlights of the "Rarities" sale was an important collection of Foreign Offices in Egypt postal history, sold as one lot (see Prices Realised for Lot 60002).

The Collections, Lots & Estates sessions, which comprised the Saturday day-time auction, featured numerous lots rich with nice stamps or interesting covers from several dealer stocks, and brought fierce action in the auction room, as lot after lot soared to multiples of the pre-auction estimates. Even here, the internet was a factor with numerous bidders "logged in" and bidding (and sometimes succeeding against strong floor competition).

In fact, the internet was so much a presence throughout the week that some commented that this ready connection from anywhere in the world would have been sorely missed had it been absent. Well over 200 bidders from nearly 40 countries were able to participate, hear the live audio and take part, and thus win as many lots as if they had been present in the auction room - for indeed they were, in real time!

David Feldman, chairman of the company, commented, "Collectors should take advantage of the strong market for fresh material, choice classics and interesting covers. With every auction, we see an almost insatiable demand, particularly for nice collections offered intact, which often sell for more than they would have if broken down. Of course, "showpiece" items from every area, which appeal to both connoisseurs and exhibitors, are always strong, as are truly rare items regardless of price levels."

The next David Feldman SA auctions are set for Washington DC in May 2006 (a special auction of Rarities including exceptional collections offered as single lots) and for Geneva in early June. Consignments for these sales close at the end of February 2006, and the staff at David Feldman SA invite anyone who would like to take advantage of their outstanding catalogues, friendly service and inviting terms to contact the company today (by mail, phone, internet, fax or in person).

Please contact:
David Feldman SA,
P.O. Box 81, 1213 Onex, Geneva, Switzerland.
Telephone: +41 (0)22 727 0777
Fax: +41 (0)22 727 0778
Web site:

Philatelically Yours

David Feldman S.A.

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