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Name des Forums / Name of the forum : Stamps
Mitteilung: Dear Worldwide Stamp Collectors. I collect worldwide. I am trying to set up longterm trades with world collectors. My collection is primarily postally used. My main interest is recent commemoratives from around the world. I can trade in lots or on a selection basis. I would like to establish a trading partnership with a collector from your homelan. Any help there is deeply appreciated. I would gladly trade with several collectors of your country, and if you have a local stamp club, please extend my invitation to trade stamps. I pride myself in sending more stamps than I receive. Undamaged stamps traded only as condition is truly important in collecting.

Additionally I do collect mint sets. My current collecting interests beyond postally used worldwide include STATE & FEDERAL REVENUES, WORLDWIDE REVENUES, SPECIMENS, PRECANCELS, PERFINS, BOOKLETS, BOOKLET PANES, SOUVENIR SHEETS, and PLATE SINGLES/BLOCKS.

Another need is for recent booklets, panes, souvenir sheets, plate blocks, sheetlets etc. issued from 1986-2006. The more recent the better. Many of these I send overseas in trade for recent worldwide.

I am open to any ideas of a fair trading basis, so please feel free to suggest trades that will help you. I have collected over 60,000 doubles and am willing to break up my own collection if the material you have is more interesting to me. For instance I have a large first day cover collection I am willing to trade off. Also several hundred special event covers, Maximum Cards, Bureau Cards, FD Ceremony programs and an extensive Naval Cover collection (launchings and commissionings, etc). I also have a large collection of Canada, UN and world FDC’s to trade too. I plan to trade my cover collection for other stamp materials such as souvenir sheets. I would like to trade first day covers for the stamps and souvenir sheets of your country and other countries you have recent material of generally.

For those who collect postal stationery, I have several hundred mint/used and FDC’s from USA and UN. Also world stationery.

For those who collect post cards depicting holidays, cities, old buildings etc., I would trade these for stamps I need. Postal cards too are something I am willing to trade.

I want to thank you ahead of time for your patience in reading this letter. Also for reviewing the trades enclosed. Perhaps we can help one another. Please suggest new trade ideas. Also if you have stamp trading friends who may be interested in any of these proposals, please forward a copy to them or have them contact me directly. Thanks again for your help.

International Philatelic Exchange
Andy (Frank) Mosko
6761 E. Kiami
Tucson, AZ 85715 USA

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