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Stamps From Spain 07.08.2003 08:30:40


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Stamps From Spain


Geposted am / Date 07.08.2003 08:30:40
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Name des Forums / Name of the forum : Stamps
Mitteilung: Hi, i just recently found 4 stamps in my Spain stamp collection. Whats so odd about these stamps is that they have a large letter followed by 6 numbers on the back of each stamp. Heres an example of two of the used stamps I have (B,376,721 color deep rose) (K,15,7,971 color purple) the example stamps is worth (15 C."s purple) and (25 C."s deep rose.) Each Dated 1909. Now i have a small collection from Spain, used stamps as well as mint and i have the scotts price list..However the book is outdated 1977 and theirfour i can not locate these stamps to know of the value.Futhermore i have 9 C. 1930 Sancte Marie ship stamps in various colors, hinged but can be remove with out damage never used, though not listed in scotts. thanks for you"re help in advance.

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