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Collecting Postcards and Letters

Information for Collectors of Postcards about Collecting of Postcards with Values of Postcards.


German postcard page of - Deutsche Ansichtskartenseite von

Brünn 1896

Old Postcard of  Bruenn



The collecting of old and newer postcards is a very interesting hobby.
Here you will find actual information , news , links and mails from other collectors of postcards.

:-) We wish you much fun...

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Postcards at the First World War
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Kitsch and Art Postcards

The first picture postcards were published about 120 - 130 years ago. Soon the first art postcard were issued. Since the transition from art fo "kitsch" is flowing soon the first postcards with kitsch motives appeared. Especially during the time shortly before World War I the most kitsch cards were printed.
They are not only historically interesting, since they reflect the spirit of their time and their people, but also they are often showing nice and interesting motives.

More ...

Kitsch postcards


If you have a question or you want send us a message about collecting of postcards be published here then send an email to us.
Readers that can answer a published question should send the answer to the email address of the questioner. :-) Thank you.

Old Postcards about JIU-JITSU (01/02/2020)

Hello from France, I am looking for old postcards about JIU-JITSU. 
Best regards. Henri AUBRY


WWI Postcards to Sell (07/21/2014)

I have several postcards that I desire to sell. They are French cards dealing with the deliverance of Metz in 1918 and cartoons of an anti-German nature-ie propaganda cards.
Stephen B. Bishop Greenland, NH USA


Pre-WW2 postcards and photos (04/30/2013)

Hi, I wonder if you can assist me or maybe point me in the right direction … my Dad recently gave a stack of pre-WW2 postcards and photos that were given to him by my Grandfather who served mainly in Italy during the war. They are images of buildings, etc. that may no longer exist or have had to be re-built and I would like to know:- 1. Is a market for them? 2. How to go about selling them? 3. How to value them? 4. They’re unused – does this affect the price? 5. Any other information I need to know before selling them? … there are also a few photos of people – one of them is of the hanging of the Mussolini family. I hope you can assist, and look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards, Belinda Milner


Value of letter from the composer gustav holst? (04/02/2013)

Hi,my name is Stewart, I would like to know if you had any info on whether you might know we're I could sell a letter from the composer gustav holst which was sent to my uncle Harold cox after he painted the painting the planets. I have been offered 400 pounds by the gustav holst museum in Stratford but I genuinely think it is worth more, any help would be great, thank you.


Old postcards for sale (07/25/2012)

Hello, my name is Samuel Flores. I was looking for some info regarding 1800"s postcards, my father in law owns a set of 72 unused postcards cards been passed trough generations we are looking to sell. enclosed below are some pic's hope to hear from you soon. thank you Samuel Flores


Old post cards german before 1920 (04/10/2012)

i have about 15 postcards from germany that came in a booklet saying war memories...they are a unique collection i have not seen anywere on the internet before..they are not used and in good condition for almost 100 years old....if you are interested in looking at them ill take some pictures and send them to you....some are the first bomb dropped on the cliffs of dover.some are zepplins. some are cartoonish..there is one with mother germany holding a sword fighting behind her troops...i am going to take them down to the german culture center here in vancouver to see if i can get some more info on them...if you would like to see them please reply back to me


Searching for old picture postcards from Transilvania (01/03/2012)

I am searching for old picture postcards from Transilvania. Please send me scans and prices. Thank you, Ovidiu, Romania,


Dutch postcards values? (11/07/2011)

I have older dutch postcards from the 40's and 50's, some I think could be older. They are from various towns,amsterdam etc. Would there be any value and how would I find out.. from Toronto..


Rare antique postcards (07/21/2011)

I have a set of 19 postcards showing the Victory Parade held in Paris after the Great War, on 14 July, 1919, which I would like to sell. I think these are rare cards and I will only sell at a good price. Any suggestions, please?
Michael Ellul Malta


Stadium Postcards (07/08/2011)

I am Giancarlo from Italy collector of postcards stadiums Have you something about stadiums? Please tell me Greetings from Italy Giancarlo.


Postcards from Japan and Hawaii from the late 1960's and early 1970's (01/10/2011)

I have come across piles of postcards from Japan and Hawaii from the late 1960's and early 1970's. Not sure if they hold value or not. Some are individually wrapped in plastic, some are bound in plastic binder like fashion. Please let me know if these hold value or not.
Thank you. Mac -


Old postcards (12/23/2010)

i have some old postcards and postal stationery of indonesia/asia. could you buy it? write me. thanks.


Vintage NSU Postcards to sell (10/20/2010)

I have several of these vintage postcards that I want to sell (about 50 pcs). I was wondering if you can help me sell them. They are late 50s, made by the German scooter/motorcycle manufacturer NSU. Distributed by the Manila distributor of NSU motorcycles called Hahn Manila. Cards are in Manila and I can Fedex these to your address. I have scanned them for you to see. Would you be interested in them? Let me know what you think. Rgds, Wawel Mercado


Postcards and photo's taken by Frederick Albert Burket during WWII (07/13/2010)

I have postcards and photo's taken by Frederick Albert Burket Turgoose who was in Command of Ships during the second world war, they were taken from the Bridge of his Ship and are originals, copy write. Do you know of a collector who would be interested in buying them. Frederick Turgoose was my Father in Law.
Frederick Turgoose took a photo from the Bridge of his ship showing HMS Hood being blown up, also ice over his ship in the North sea convoy, these photo's may be of interest to a collector.


Looking for illustrated Kinder postcards (05/25/2010)

Looking for published sources on the Third Reich era 4/C illustrated Kinder postcards. Many had a military theme. It seems that there were at least five different publishers. The children in some of the cards resemble the Campbell Soup kids. Stan Cronwall


Old postcard collection (05/04/2010)

Hi, I recently helped my folks move, including taking back alot of "stuff". Among that was my old postcard collection. I opened two boxes all of cards from 1908 or earlier, some with writing/stamps and some without. The bulk was from or to Germany, some England, some, France. How would I go about getting these appraised without being scammed? Is it really best to do the research myself. I just skimmed over ebay last night out of curiousity -- I had no idea they were even worth anything. They're in seeming mint condition.... I'd be most appreciative of any your time, help, advice and consideration as to how to proceed. Thank you. Best wishes, Anita Elsbree Sylvan


Offer of collections of old postcards from Europe (04/16/2010)

Hi, I would like to offer collections of old postcards from Europe - towns, castles, pictures with fairy-tail, Napoleon, saints and other themes. Most of them are from the begining of 20th century without writings on the back side. If interested write me an e-mail, I can send some photos. Erika Kopisová, Slovakia


Two thousand postcards (04/16/2010)

Hello, I have over 2 thousand postcards from my mother Some are from 1912 thru 1998 I am looking to either sell all or auction them I help in pricing the postcards If you could help me I would appreciate it Thank you


Postcard with a religious theme (03/24/2010)

I have a postcard with a religious theme. See the enclosed picture. Can you tell me something more about it? It is made by Kruger, size 105x147cm. Glossy. No more info on the card. I believe it is a card from apprx. 1970. Thanks for your interest! Greetings from Andrew Kraneveld, Breda, Holland


Old german postcards (02/25/2010)

Hi I have a number of old german postcards (not coloured) depicting people and scenes from famous artists such as Tischbein, Holbein,Monet,Velasquez,Van Gough & Rembrandt.All have numbers on the back. Would they have any value? Many thanks, Sue Myall


Collection of hundreds of post cards (02/19/2010)

Hello There, I have a collection of hundreds of post cards sent to a family wich date from as early as 1904 till as late as 2008. Not all of them are writtian on but over half are. They are from all around the world and the majority of them still have stamps. Also there is one from ww1 from the king&queen wishing the troups on the frount line luck over christmas. Also one form a local MP. It's really a bautiful collection, with so much depth and information about the family in question. I was wondering if you believe them to be of any value? Or if you could make a suggestion as to what i sould do with all of these cards as i feel they are so precious. Many Thanks Victoria Morgan


Looking for old postcards or photographs of Cluj / Kolozsvar / Klausenburg and Ada Kaleh / Orsova (02/10/2010)

Hello, I am looking for old postcards or photographs of Cluj / Kolozsvar / Klausenburg and Ada Kaleh / Orsova - until 1918 in Austria Hungary, now in Romania. Thank you! Cristian


Post cards valuation or sale (01/16/2010)

Nearly 700 different postcards (unused) of Royal Family Oranje from 1954 to 74 (colour & black and white) in 4 albums. valuation? sale?


Old Postcards of Russia (12/06/2009)

Hello, If anyone has any old postcards of Russia (pre-Revolutionary or Soviet) that they are interested in selling, we would be happy to hear from you. Thank you, Kari


Old Postcards from Europe (11/10/2009)

Hello, I just found a bunch of postcards I have had stored for 28 years. They are from my family the kunkles, these postcards are written on from the 1920's as they traveled thru-out parts of Europe, Not all are written on. I would like to learn the value of these cards. I anyone could guide me in some sort of direction, it would be most helpful. Thank you.



Hello, I am a private post card collector/seller. I have a few antique post cards that I am selling. If you think that you might be interested I will scan and Email them to you. Thank you, Jim (Chicago)


Postcards of Monaco (07/28/2009)

i have a book of unused early 1930's postcards of monaco including the casino etc. do you know the value of these or anyone interested in buying them. many thanks yvonne coleman


Wood postcards from Japan (07/25/2009)

Hi I have been looking through my grandad's photos album and have noted that he has a few wood postcards from Japan, some appear to be woven, and hand painted. I would put the dates when be purchased these to be around 1929 when he was in the Navy on HMS Kent. I have lots of other photos/postcards from his travels. Want to know if they are worth selling?
Lorna Doyle


Antique post cards (07/20/2009)

I am a private post card collector/seller. I have a few antique post cards that I am selling. If you think that you might be interested I will scan and Email them to you. Thank you, Jim (Chicago)


Searching for old picturepostcards from Hermannstadt / Nagyszeben / Sibiu in Transilvania (06/19/2009)

I am searching for old picturepostcards from Hermannstadt / Nagyszeben / Sibiu in Transilvania. Please send me scans and prices. Thank you, Dan, Germany


Tuntschendorf Postcards (04/23/2009)

Hi, Do you have postcards from a place Tuntschendorf? Regards Waldemar Mazurek


J. Thil Postcards x 6 WW1 (04/23/2009)

Hello. I have a set of 6 divided backed postcards circa WW1 (postally unused) by painter j.thil (france 1887-1968) they depict comic scenes of armed forces personel in ?Tangiers ?Morroco ? Marrakesh They are in colour and have French phrases printed on them - quotes from the charactors in the pictures as part of the scenes.. They are in very good condition for their age, with just slight surface marks, but the edges are free of tears and rips.. They have J. Thil printed (signature style) in the lower right bottom corner. Scans of the PC's can be provided if necessary. I am looking for a valuation, information or any other help which may be offered.
They are Printed by E.Le Deley, imp, -edit., 127, Boul. de Sebastopol, Paris many thanks for help !


1893 Expo Postcards (04/16/2009)

I have the complete set of 10 postcards from the 1893 Expo. These cards are in perfect condition and have never been written on. Are these sets pretty common or is there any value to them?


50 picture postcards (04/04/2009)

Hello: I have about 50 picture postcards written by my father to my mother, during WWII. They are pictures of Hungary, (Budapest and other cities) also some of the cities that were in Serbia, etc. They are colored pictures of the cities. The messages on the cards are in Hungarian. If you are interested,


Picture Postcards (03/16/2009)

Hi: I have picture postcards that my father sent to my mother while he was in the Austrian army. Most of them have messages to her. Are you interested or do you know someone who is? Thank you. Irene K


Postcards of the 1930 Oberammergau Passion Play (02/17/2009)

I have an album of 34 postcards of the 1930 Oberammergau Passion Play. Would this be of interest? Pat Wootton


1922 Oberammegau postcards in bound leather books (01/09/2009)

I came across some very old postcards that were put in a leather bound booklet, during 1922. I just wonder if you would be interested in these ... as a collector? There are two of them in perfect condition containing 30 cards within the pages, separated and protected by sheets of paper to protect them. My grandmother travel extensively during these times, and collected many varieties of things. I am in the United States, and would be interested in hearing from you. I have just started looking into this..and any help that you can offer would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance. Merry Burke


Book full of old german postcards (12/01/2008)

I have a book full of old german postcards ie karl tuppe, heinrich krause,prof otto hofner, etc. whom can i contact regarding info on these some are black and white, others are of color, they all have a mall schwasticker? sp? on them and am really not sure they are postcard one is called " akt , by roberrt steit? anyway can you give me a searchsite to determine if they are worth anything? thank you


German post card collection for sale (11/24/2008)

I have a German post card collection that I am trying to sell from the 1800's I have included the link to where you can view them below  if you have any interest or know where I can sell them please contact me Toe Piencka


Oberammergau postcards from the 1930's onwards (11/04/2008)

I have many Oberammergau postcards from the 1930's onwards. What is the best way of selling them please? Pat Wootton


Postcards of the Oberammergau passion play (10/04/2008)

Hello I have two unused mint postcards of the Oberammergau passion play 1930 Offizielle Postkarte der Passionsspiele Serie Nr I/8 and I/9. Are you interested. Reagards Patricia Walker


Postcards BERLIN - BRANDENBURGER GATE (09/25/2008)

I'm interested to buy (vintage) postcards, not circulated, showing the BRANDENBURGER GATE in Berlin. Please contact with pictures and prices, thank you ! Montse Thank you very much in advance ! Montse, from Spain


Old postcards (02/29/2008)

I have a number of loose and postcard books my father had brought back from his time in Germany during WWII. How would I find out if they have any value or who would be interested in them? Thank you for your help. Al Svendsen


Old Postcards with People (02/05/2008)

I have several postcards that have pictures of people and they appear to be family members. One has Momma written on back and one has a baby. I am trying to figure out what time era they might be from. Please let me know if you can assist. Thanks, Sandi


Old German Postcards (01/18/2008)

Hi, i have 8 german postcards in colour all dated 1899, gruss aus mulheim, gruss aus isselburg, gruss aus arxloh, gruss aus garnison, and gruss aus isselburg.
Do you know if they are off any value? Thank you david wood england





Four Postcards of Graf Zeppelin LZ 129 (09/14/2007)

Hi I have a question. How can you tell a reproduction on post cards? I have 4 cards of the Graf Zeppelin LZ 129. Here are the pictures. Thank you for any information you can give. These were given to me by a old friend of the family when I was little girl.



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