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About Collecting  Sportcards

Sports Trading Cards

Information about sportcards and values ofr sportcards.

Bowman Baseballcard 1955 #184 with Willie Mays  

Bowman Baseballcard 1951 #12 with Hank Majeski

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It is a very interesting hobby to collect sportcards. So the collecting of sports trading cards  is not only in America very popular but also in other countries.
So some rarities of sportcards of the 50s have a value until up to $20,000!

Popular sports on cards
Sportcards are made for baseball, basketball, boxing, golf, american football, hockey, Olympics, races, soccer, tennis, wrestling and others.

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On this you will find an overview of interesting links about sportcard collecting in the Internet and you can publish your own question or message about sportcards.

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Values of some old sportcards

Here are pictured some elder sport cards and their values. These are not very expensive sport cards.
There exist raritries like Topps baseballcard 1952 #311 with Mickey Mantle with a value of about $20,000 for best grade!

Bowman Baseballcard 1949 #63 with Andy Pafko
Value with grade NrMt about 40 US $

Bowman Baseballcard 1951 #12 with Hank Majeski.
Value with grade NrMt about 20 US $

Bowman Baseballcard 1955 #184 with Willie Mays
Value with grade  NrMt about 200 US $

Topps Footballcard 1965 #109 with Johnny Robinson.
Value with grade NrMt about 15 US $

Bowman Baseballcard 1948 #3 with Ralph Kiner
Value with grade NrMt about 150 US $

Leaf Baseballcard  1949 #106
Value with grade NrMt about 100 US $


Books and catalogs about sport cards at
Books and catalogs about sportcards

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Books about sport cards in gift gallery

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If you have a question or you want send us a message about collecting of sportcards be published here then send an email to us.
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My collection of sports cards (07/29/2005)

Well,i can't really say much about them cause i don't know nothing about them.I have several signature cards in all sports but the one I'm most interested in is the one of Mickey Mantle's 500Th Career Home Run..May 14th,1967..#1068 of 7000 made.Not sure if it is worth anything or not but i guess it does not hurt to ask is in mint folds or creases of any kind. If you can or even can not help me,either way please let me know..thanks.



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