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Stamps of the Åland Islands

Information and news for stamp collectors about the stamps of the Åland Islands and the Åland Post

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Briefmarkenausgabe Alandinseln 2005

Stamp of the Åland Islands issued for the exhibition Mare Balticum '05



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About Stamps of the Åland Islands

An independent little island way up North has awakened an international interest among stamp collectors. Katja Rikberg at the post offices Philately department proudly says that the Åland postal services now have 56.000 subscribers to the Åland stamps. The subscribers are located in more than 100 different countries all around the globe.

Åland has issued its own stamps since 1984 and since 1993 the Post office at Åland is also independent. All stamp issues are carefully planned and quality, beauty and postal purpose has always been its first consideration.

  • Yearly we issue 12-15 stamps, Katja says. The Åland post office doesn’t issue large stamp editions. An edition of about 300.000-500.000 of each stamp is normal.
  • The motives are always chosen with great care and artistic sense, Katja says. Some examples of the motives are the Åland nature, fauna, culture, history and society.

The Åland postal services also have attracted attention at exhibitions and contests around the world. The greatest merit so far is first prize in the contest “The most beautiful stamp of Europe 1997.” The motive of the winning stamp illustrated “Ålands independence 75 years”.

You don’t have to be a collector to enjoy the Åland stamps. Collect your own Åland stamp collection just because they are so beautiful! Because the issues are not so frequent, you don’t have to worry that your collection won’t be complete. When you add to your collection you’ll also get many interesting insights into the Åland culture and history.

The Philately service at the Åland post office provides you with interesting pamphlets that give you great insight into the Åland stamps.

More Information at the Official Website of the Åland Post 


Stamp Issue at 02/01/2007: Dazzling Peonies in a Green Summer Setting (02/21/2007)

A new series of postal labels, FRAMA, featuring old garden plants started in 2006. In March, the time has come for the second issue of this series and this time, we find Åland cottage peonies on the labels.
The Swedish artist Inga-Karin Eriksson has designed the 2007 labels with dazzling peonies spreading out across the label.
A peony spray adorns the first day cover, and the motif of the first day cancellation is that of a peony bud.

Date of issue: 1 March 2007
Artist: Inga-Karin Eriksson
Denominations: €0.55; 0.70; 0.75; 0.85
Price series: €2.80
Price FDC: €3.30
Size: 40.00 x 30.34 mm
Paper: Fluorescens, 105 g/m²
Printing method: 5-colour offset
Printing house: Post Danmark

Briefmarke Aland Weihnachten 2006 Briefmarke Aland Weihnachten 2006
Briefmarke Aland Weihnachten 2006

By Horse and Sleigh to the Christmas Service (09/26/2006)

The 2006 Christmas stamp is reminiscent of the Åland Christmas traditions of past times, when people used to ride by horse and sleigh to the early service on Christmas Day below the sparkling starry sky.

The stamp is designed by the Finnish artist Päivi Mansikka-aho. It shows a family returning home by horse and sleigh from the early Christmas service at the church of Finström. The church was also a stamp motif in 1989.

The sky on the stamp is covered with glittering hologram stars. The denomination is 'Christmas Postage 06', and this is the first Åland stamp of this denomination. 'Christmas Postage 06' implies that the stamp may be used as postage for Christmas greetings within Åland and to Finland and Sweden (equivalent to €0.50) during a limited period in November and December.

In connection with the issue of this beautiful Christmas stamp, we also issue a first day cover decorated by a lantern, and a collector's sheet featuring a young stable girl.

Briefmarke Aland Weihnachten 2006

More Information at the Official Website of the Åland Post 

Date of issue 9 October 2006
Artist Päivi Mansikka-aho
Denomination Christmas Postage 06
Issue 450 000
Price FDC (not signed) €1.00
Price collector's sheet €5.10
Size of stamp 26 x 35.40 mm
Size of sheet 2 x 20 stamps
Perforation 13 per 2 cm
Paper 110 g/m²
Printing method 4-colour offset
Printing house Cartor Security Printing

Tattoos – Traditional Body Art (09/26/2006)

The art of tattooing is one of the oldest forms of art in human history. The tradition of decorating your body with tattoos has been practised in Åland for a long time. In September, we issue a stamp booklet featuring three different types of tattoos, presented in an Åland archipelago setting.

The photographer Lasse Kärkkäinen has photographed these works of body art. He alsotook the photos for last year's popular stamp booklet showing Åland vintage cars. The booklet holds nine stamps featuring three completely different types of tattoos. In the middle of the 19th century, Åland seamen started to sail to Europe, and it was probably during this period that the so-called seaman's tattoos became more and more common. The seaman's tattoo featured on the stamp can be seen on the seaman Mikael Sandholm’s right forearm. It shows a ship, the flag of Åland and the text 'Sailor's grave'.

On the second stamp, we see the tribal tattoo on Thomas Dahlgren's upper left arm. The tattoo was designed by Thomas himself, encircling the mark of Thomas's family homestead 'Jippa' in Karlby, Kökar. The third stamp shows Linda Åberg's tattoo. She had it made in memory of the tsunami catastrophe in Thailand in December 2004, which she survived. A beautiful flower design winds along-side her body and the text reads 'forever in my memory' in Thai.

Briefmarke Aland TatoosBriefmarke Aland TatoosBriefmarke Aland Tatoos

More Information at the Official Website of the Åland Post 

Date of issue 7 September 2006
Photographer Lasse Kärkkäinen
Issue 200 000 booklets
Denomination 9 x €0.65
Price booklet €5.85
Price FDC €2.45
Price collector’s sheet €6.55
Size of stamps 23.83 x 52 mm
Size of booklet 87 x 52 mm; 3 x 3 stamps
Perforation 14 per 2 cm
Paper stamps 102 g/m²; cover 200 g/m²
Printing method 4-colour offset
Printing house Österreichische Staatsdruckerei

Director Åke Lindman's Åland (07/14/2006)

The series of 'celebrity stamps' from the Åland Post, 'My Åland', continues this year with an issue by the Finland-Swedish director and actor Åke Lindman.
Lindman, who was born in 1928, is known as an actor as well as a director. So far, he has directed 24 films and had 77 film roles. He even used to be a prominent football player and was on the Finnish national team 1947–1955, playing a total of 26 international matches. Actually, his first visit to Åland was in connection with a football match. Helsinki IFK then met IFK Mariehamn in a friendly match.
However, Åke became more known to the Ålanders when he directed the television series 'Maja from Stormskär' in the middle of the 1970s. The novels about 'Maja from Stormskär' were written by the Åland author Anni Blomqvist.

More Information at the Official Website of the Åland Post 

Date of issue 4 August 2006
Design Åke Lindman/ Cecilia Mattsson
Photographer Matti Penttilä
Issue 300 000
Denomination € 0.75
Price FDC € 1.25
Price collector's sheet € 5.35
Size of stamp 31.75 x 36.51 mm
Size of sheet 2 x 15 stamps
Perforation 13 per 2 cm
Paper 110 g/m²
Printing method 4-colour offset
Printing house Cartor Security Printing

Åland Scenery in Lemland and Sottunga (07/14/2006)

Two new stamps will be issued in the 'Åland scenery' series even this year. One of the stamps features the municipality of Lemland, the other motif was found in Sottunga, the smallest municipality of Finland. Lemland is the southernmost municipality on main Åland and is completely surrounded by the sea. To the northwest, Lemland borders on the municipality of Jomala by the beautiful Lemström canal, and to the east, Lemland borders on Lumparland by the sound of Lumparsund.
With its approx. 1 700 inhabitants, the municipality of Lemland is the fastest growing municipality of Åland, much thanks to its proximity to Mariehamn. The stamp shows an enchanting view of a grove at dawn on a windless November morning. The photo was taken in Lemland Söderby by Erkki Santamala.
Sottunga is a small island community in the eastern archipelago of Åland. With its 134 inhabitants, Sottunga is the smallest municipality of both Åland and Finland. The ferry service from Sottunga to main Åland is good. A trip between Sottunga and Långnäs in Lumparland takes about an hour. The stamp shows a flat rock in Norra Essvik, photographed by Kjell Söderlund on a summer evening.

Date of issue 4 August 2006
Photographer Erkki Santamala (Lemland)
Kjell Söderlund (Sottunga)
Design Cecilia Mattsson
Issue 300 000
Denomination € 0.55; € 1.20
Price FDC € 1.05; € 1.70
Price collector's sheet € 5.15; € 5.80
Size of stamp 31.75 x 36.51 mm
Size of sheet 2 x 15 stamps

More Information at the Official Website of the Åland Post 

My Stamps – Lasting Memories (05/23/2006)

Create your own stamps

Private persons, associations and commercial companies now have the possibility of ordering their very own stamps with a motif of their own choice! As of 26 May, the Åland Post offers its customers the possibility to choose their own stamp motifs.
The order must be placed on the Post’s web site on the Internet. My stamps are delivered in booklets holding 8 self-adhesive stamps. A minimum order is three booklets.
The Post will have its own motif for the 'My stamps' issue, a little girl posting her letter in one of the Post's new letter boxes. This photo was taken by Kjell Söderlund. All 'My stamps' will have an identical frame. The first frame was designed by Cecilia Mattsson. The Post's booklet will be included in the 2006 Year Set.
Date of issue 26 May 2006
Design, stamp Cecilia Mattsson
Photographer Kjell Söderlund
Design, frame Cecilia Mattsson
Denomination 8 x 1st class
Price FDC €1.15
Price collector's sheet €5.25

More Information at the Official Website of the Åland Post 

New Issue of Åland: Europa Stamp on Integration (04/07/2006)

The 2006 Europa stamp theme is 'Integration through the eyes of children'. The Åland Europa stamp has been designed by Andreas Dienert.
Immigrating to a foreign country can be quite a bewildering experience for a child. Children's perception
of the situation often differs from that of adults. With the Europa stamp issued by the Åland Post, the artist Andreas Dienert presents his interpretation of the joint theme.
He has chosen to paint a young boy, who proudly puts his staff down between the rocks and cliffs in Åland and declares himself king of his new country. No matter where you go or how young you may be, it is important to be able to feel safe and secure.

Date of issue 4 May 2006
Artist Andreas Dienert
Edition 300 000
Denomination €1.30
Size of stamp 32 x 36.5 mm

New Issue: Åland Demilitarization Commemorated (03/28/2006)

In 2006, 150 years have passed since Åland was demilitarized. The Post focuses on the anniversary by issuing a beautiful stamp depicting the ruins of the Bomarsund fortress.

Date of issue: 29 March 2006
Design: Cecilia Mattsson
Photographer: Robert Jansson
Edition: 300 000
Denomination: €1.50

Official Website of the Åland Post

New Issue:  The ‘Letesgubbe’ – A Mythical Being (03/28/2006)

The second part of the three-part Nordic series of miniature sheets on the theme Nordic mythology features “mythical beings”. The Åland miniature sheet shows a ‘letesgubbe’.

Letesgubbar were mythical beings who lived in the archipelago. By banging walls, jangling and throwing objects to attract people's attention, they warned for oncoming storms.

Date of issue: 29 March 2006
Artist: Juha Pykäläinen
Edition: 200 000 sheets
Denomination: € 0.85

Official Website of the Åland Post

New Issue: Women's Suffrage in Finland 100 Years (02/24/2006)

As the first country in the world, Finland introduced universal suffrage and equal eligibility for women in 1906. The Åland Post now focuses on this occasion by issuing a stamp on the theme "Women's suffrage 100 years" on 8 March, the international women's day.

In 2006, it has been 100 years since women in Finland were granted the right to vote. Finland was thus the first country in Europe to introduce universal suffrage, and the first country in the world to even have equal eligibility for women, that is to say the right to stand for the Finnish parliament. As early as 1893, New Zealand introduced universal suffrage; however, women could still not stand for election.

The stamp was designed by the artist Henrika Lax. She was born in 1971, and she lives in Helsinki and Lemland in Åland. She explains her choice of stamp motif: "The stamp shows a girl screaming out her joy of living. The little girl symbolizes the past and the future. A child is the product of the tender care and work of past generations. The girl carries with her the good inheritance for which her female 'ancestors' have fought; however, the child also leads your thoughts towards the future. As an adult, she can make her voice heard in the fight for more equality in the world."

Date of issue 8 March 2006
Artist Henrika Lax
Edition 300 000
Denomination € 0.85
Price FDC (unsigned) € 1.35
Price collector's sheet€ 5.45
Size of stamps 31.74 x 36.51 mm
Size of sheet 2 x 15 stamps
Perforation 13 per 2 cm
Paper 110 g/m²
Printing method 5-colour offset
Printing house Cartor Security Printing

Official Website of the Åland Post

Delightful Postal Stationery 2006 (01/28/2006)

Our special occasions series next focuses on Valentine’s Day, celebrated 14 February.
Valentine's Day is a tradition with roots in medieval England. This day was instituted to commemorate Valentine, a Christian Roman bishop in the third century. He was executed for marrying young couples – something which was prohibited by the Emperor. Tradition has it that, before his execution, he succeeded in smuggling out a card to the jailer's daughter with whom he was in love. This was supposedly the first Valentine's Day card.


This year’s piece of postal stationery is a beautiful postcard, which has been designed by the artist Talvikki Canin. The motif on the card is a large heart and a beautiful rose, two very important symbols of love and Valentine's Day. The post-paid symbol is a heart and so is the first day cancel, the text following the lines forming the heart.

Official Website of the Åland Post

Date of issue 8 February 2006
Artist Talvikki Canin
Edition 17 000
Price € 1.30
Size 148 x 105 mm
Paper Plainfield 200 gr
Printing method 4 + 1-colour offset
Printing house The Lowe Martin Group

Åland Stamp Issuing Program 2006 (11/14/2005)

The stamp issuing program of the Åland Post for next year comprises many interesting issues. A total of 15 new stamps will see the light of day starting in January.

The stamp year sets off on 2 January with the issue of the new postal labels (FRAMA) depicting lilacs. These FRAMAs are the first part of a three year series featuring old garden plants. The series of this year’s definitive stamps will be issued on the same day, focusing on beetles. The three definitive stamps will depict a metallic green chafer, a seven-spotted ladybird and a Rhinoceros beetle.

On 8 February, the time has come for the issue of the 2006 piece of postal stationery, this time a Valentine’s Day postcard.
In 2006, it will be 100 years since the inauguration/introduction of women’s suffrage in Finland, and the Åland Post celebrates this anniversary on the international women’s day

8 March with the issue of the stamp Women’s suffrage 100 years.

The Post will be focusing on another anniversary when we issue the stamp Åland Demilitarization 150 Years on 29 March. The co-operation between the postal administrations of the Nordic countries also continues on this day with a new joint issue on the theme Nordic mythology, this time featuring mythical beings. Åland will contribute with a miniature sheet.

In 2006, the theme of the EUROPA stamps will be integration through the eyes of children. The Åland stamp will be out on 4 May and illustrates how children accommodate to the new conditions of another country and become “king of their new country”.

The biggest novelty of 2006, My stamps, will be launched on 26 May. This is a great opportunity for private customers and companies to order stamps of individual design through the Post’s web shop, thus acquiring personalized stamps for letter and postcard postage. The Post’s own motif for the ‘My stamps’ issue will be the Post’s new mail box. ‘My stamps’ will be issued as self-adhesive booklets.

This year’s My Åland stamp will be issued on 4 August. The director and actor Åke Lindman will offer his image of Åland. The stamp picture was taken in connection with the shooting of the film ‘Stormkärs Maja’. On the same day, two new stamps of the series Natural Åland Environments will be issued. The 2006 motifs are from the municipalities of Lemland and Sottunga.

A booklet depicting tattoos will be issued on 7 September. It contains 9 stamps of 3 different tattoos.

The last issue of 2006 will be on 9 October when the 2006 Christmas stamp will be presented.

For more information, please get in touch with Katja Rikberg of the Philatelic Service at the Åland Post.

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