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Toys - About Collecting Toys for Collectors of valuable Toys

Information, messages, mails, news for collectors of toys and about collecting of toys. With questions about values of toys for collectors.


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The collecting of toys is a very interesting and complex topic for collectors. So you can collect for example Beanie Babies, Steiff Bears, Action Figures, models, kits, Trading Cards and sport cards, stuffed animals, toy soldiers, trading card games, antique toys, dolls, paper toys and so on  ...
:-) So we wish you much fun with the fascinating hobby of toys collecting!

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What to Consider when Collecting Toys

When collecting toys, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key considerations for collectors:

Age and Era: Determine the age range and era of toys that interest you. You can focus on vintage toys from a specific time period or collect contemporary toys. Consider the nostalgia factor and your personal connection to the toys from your childhood or a particular era.

Condition: The condition of the toys is crucial. Look for toys that are in excellent condition, with minimal wear, complete accessories, and original packaging if available. Collectors generally prefer toys that have been well-preserved and show minimal signs of play or damage.

Rarity and Demand: Consider collecting toys that are rare or in high demand among collectors. Limited editions, exclusive releases, or discontinued toys tend to be more valuable and sought after. Research the market to identify toys that have appreciated in value over time.

Brand and Manufacturer: Some collectors focus on specific toy brands or manufacturers known for their quality, craftsmanship, or innovation. Popular toy brands like LEGO, Hasbro, Mattel, or vintage manufacturers like Marx or Dinky Toys have dedicated collector followings. Explore the history and reputation of different brands to guide your collecting choices.

Popular Characters and Franchises: Toys featuring popular characters from movies, TV shows, comics, or video games often have a strong collector appeal. Consider collecting toys associated with iconic characters or franchises that have had a significant cultural impact.

Packaging and Accessories: Pay attention to the packaging and any accompanying accessories or original packaging. Toys in their original boxes or with complete accessories often have higher value and appeal to collectors. Consider the condition and completeness of the packaging when assessing the desirability of a toy.

Authenticity and Documentation: Ensure the authenticity of the toys you collect, especially when dealing with vintage or rare items. Research and verify the authenticity of toys through reliable sources, expert opinions, or authentication services if necessary. Keep records and documentation of your collection to track provenance and value.

Storage and Display: Proper storage and display are essential to protect and showcase your toy collection. Consider factors like light exposure, temperature control, and dust prevention. Display options can range from shelves, glass cabinets, or custom-built display cases, depending on the size and nature of your collection.

Research and Market Trends: Stay informed about the toy collecting market, trends, and values. Follow industry news, attend toy conventions or trade shows, and engage with online communities and forums dedicated to toy collecting. Regular research will help you make informed decisions and identify potential investment opportunities.

Personal Enjoyment: Ultimately, collect toys that bring you joy and spark your enthusiasm. Choose toys that resonate with your interests, hobbies, or nostalgic memories. The enjoyment of reliving childhood memories, appreciating toy design, or participating in the collecting community should be at the core of your collecting experience.


Remember that toy collecting is a personal journey, and everyone's preferences and goals may differ. Embrace the joy of hunting for rare finds, connecting with fellow collectors, and the satisfaction of building a collection that reflects your passion for toys. Happy collecting!


Sell old toys 1976-1992 steckfigures (04/01/2011)

Hi, i need partner to sell my old toys, i have a lot of them.


Would like to exchange Kinder toys (07/27/2010)

My name is Alex, Im from Russia. Im collector of the kinder toys. Can we make the exchange? I have for exchange different toys from Russian kinder, like on the foto. Airplanes, metall soldiers and other. Please answer if it interesting for You or anyway. Best Regards Alex


45 inch bear made in Austria for Sears Roebuck & Co (03/08/2010)

Hi Collectors, Could anybody give me any information about the following bear : it’s a 45 inch bear made in Austria for Sears Roebuck & Co Reg. NO PA 235. What is the value of that little bear and the year ? Thanks / Brigitte


Steiff Boar (10/13/2008)

Hello, We have a steiff boar and since a few years we are trying to find out a bit more about it; It has a knopf in its left ear but the label is missing. It is filled with straw or wood-wool. Can you please help us dating the boar and tell us if it was one from a limited edition or not, because untill now we have not found a phote or info on the internet; We would be very gratefull if you could help us, Koos en Alida van Nierop de België


Mayfair Editions Kunstarchiv Puppen (doll) (10/06/2008)

I have a doll with a cart of apples. She is still in her box like new. She is about 20 years old. She is wearing a red tartan dress. I do not have her certificate or her name. I would like to know what her name is...can anybody help. The name on the box and the wrapping paper inside the box is Kunstarchiv Puppen. I can provide a picture if needed. Many thanks J.Burleigh


Miniature animals (07/24/2008)

After researching for several days now I have not been able to get much information on some miniature animals that were taken from a munitions factory during world war II. I was given a set of miniature animals by my father just before he died. He had remarked that he "liberated" them from a munitions factory during World War II. He went on to say that the factory had been a toy factory. I can find no marking on the toys, nor do I know the composition. One them is sufficiently damaged to allow me to see inside it. I see some wire in various going down into a tail or down into a leg. I have taken the liberty of sending pictures of these figures in the hopes you might be able to share some information concerning them.



New Short Film: Collecting Steiff Stuffed Animals (02/25/2023)

The short film shows Steiff plush toys that toy collectors like to collect!

Steiff Stuffed Animals


New Short Film: Model Railways and Model Trams (02/19/2023)

The short film shows model railways and model trams.

Model railway


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